Muh. Ajie Santika


Bright-minded, creative, calculative and innovative person with many achievements ranging from local and personal to international and collective.

Proven abilities to identify key business drivers, critical matters and key points of potential development and developing the strategies to maximize opportunities and results.

Excellent human developer, has helped many person to maximize their potential into successful, quick-witted and accomplished person, either in business or their own personal life.

Taking the flight from School of Business and Management of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) with Bachelor degree, proficiency in Business Marketing is considered as adept.

Achievements in business so far :

Establishment of Tinker Games, a game developer focused on creating games for smartphones, tablets and PC. Partnering with Systec (a Venture Development Company located in Jakarta) and Wardour and Oxford (a Global Business Development Agency located in Jakarta, London, Sydney and San Francisco).
Taking position as CEO.

Also actively involved in developing Bandung’s community in Creative and Digital areas, building up stronger, healthier and wider ecosystem.