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About Us

A band of curated, Bandung-based founders of Tech-Startup companies, ecosystem players and stakeholders with proven track record and impact to the world.

Startup Bandung Community gives opportunity for founders to expand their network, share and contribute to the society in a higher scale with the power of collective cooperation among its members.

Our Purpose

As a community, we put aside our ego to become a better part of the eco[system].

We believe that “tech” have a pivotal role as an “enabler” for other businesses to accelerate.

We provide a solid ground for tech founders to share and care for each other’s businesses.

We position ourselves as a support system for Bandung’s tech founders, and for some extent, Bandung entrepreneurial ecosystem in general.

Our Story

Initally started out (circa 2014) as a humble whatsapp group started by several startup founders who have underlying passion to create bigger impact, start from our homebase in Bandung, the capital city of creativity in Indonesia. Startup Bandung grew organically as a community of 100+ startups, in addition of experts, mentors, academician, researchers, creativepreneurs, investors and ecosystem players, creating a rich and vibrant interaction within the community. We share, encourage and become a support system when it comes to the ups and downs, winning stories, f**ked-stories, even the dark side of becoming a tech startup founder’s.

Now, most of our members have a proven track records in the global scale as a winner of a pitch battles, headlining prestigious conferences around the world, receiving globally recognized awards, showcasing their products in a worlds biggest tradeshows, become part of a (much much) bigger tech/entrepreneural communities or even become a market leader in their industries. We are also supporting countless startups or tech-related events as community partners, providing our members as mentors for Bandung’s top Universities or even hosting our friends from startup ecosystem from the other side of the world. Despite those high profile roles, we are still a (relatively) small circle of founders who needs to be a bit vulnerable among us, and rely on each other for support. That’s what makes us truly human, makes us stick together, and proud of become part of this community.

This is Us

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