“Communication and collaboration are believed to be fundamental elements in the development of startups in Bandung”

As a forum for digital startups in Bandung to share in the concept of a fellowship. Startup Bandung is expected as a medium of maturation of startups, carrying out the concept of learning from experienced startups. This means that this community emphasizes teaching and mentoring from startup actors who are already counted as “seniors” to share and give advice  in dealing with problems faced by new startups.

Startup Bandung was formed based on a concern. When the tech / startup industry are massively grows in Indonesia, but unfortunately there is only a few community that specializes in focusing on startup development. 

Not only does it stop being a gathering place for startups in Bandung, Startup Bandung is also committed to establishing many relationships with components that can support the acceleration of startup growth, such as ecosystem players, venture capital, Universities, co-working spaces, governments, other communities, media, and companies / other senior startups. This community will also be affiliated with various communities in other cities.